Mali is a country in West Africa. A landlocked country, Mali is the eighth largest country in West Africa with an area of over 1,241,238 square kilometers (479,245 sq mi). Mali has 21.9 million inhabitants. In 2017, an estimated 67% of the population was under the age of 25. The capital and largest city is Bamako. The sovereign state of Mali consists of ten regions and its borders in the north reach deep into the middle of the Sahara. The southern part of the country is located in the Sudanese savannah where the majority of the inhabitants live and through which both the Niger and the Senegal rivers flow. The economic centers of the country are agriculture and mining. One of Mali’s most prominent national resources is gold. And the country is the third largest producer of gold on the African continent. It also exports salt.

Present-day Mali was part of the three extremely powerful and wealthiest West African empires that controlled cross-Saharan trade: the Ghana Empire (after which Ghana was named). The Mali Empire (because Mali is called) and the Songhai Empire. At its peak in 1300, the Empire of Mali was among the richest countries in the world and its emperor at its peak Mansa Musa is possibly considered the richest person in history. The Middle Ages were not only an economic powerhouse, but also a center for Islam, cultures and knowledge. As Timbuktu is becoming a renowned place of learning with its university, one of the oldest in the world still operating.

The expanding Songhai Empire absorbed the empire in 1468, followed by a Saadi army that defeated the Songhai in 1591. In the late 19th century, during the battle for Africa, France seized control of Mali, making it part of French Sudan (known as the Sudanese Republic) joined Senegal in 1959. It gained independence in 1960 when the Sudanese Republic declared itself the independent Republic of Mali. After a long period of one-piece rule, a coup in 1991 led to the writing of a new constitution and the establishment of Mali as a democratic multi-party state.

In January 2012, armed conflict broke out in northern Mali, with Tuareg rebels seizing control of an area in the north and declaring the secession of a new state of Azawad in April. The conflict was complicated by a military coup that took place in March and later by fighting against Tuareg and other rebel groups. In response to territorial gains, the French army launched Operation Serval in January 2013.

A month later, Malian and French forces recaptured most of the north. Presidential elections were held on July 28, 2013, with a runoff on August 11. And parliamentary elections were held on November 24 and December 15, 2013.

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