About ME

I am Omar. Omar Jabang

Also well known as Omi. So I named my tour and safari company Omi Tours

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My career as tour guide started when I graduated from high school. I joined Makasutu cultural forest local community tour guides unit. Where I was trained as a tour guide on nature and wildlife and tour guiding principles.

From there I work with another tour operator at Kotu before I establish my own company.

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Omar Jabang
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A few things clients says

Omi Tours put his client’s needs first. Take a moment to review what clients have to say about Omi Tours services.

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Team of Omi Tours

Omi Tours is a ground tour operator registered in the Gambia, with a team of specialize people in the tourism service industry. More especially in the area of ecotourism, adventure travel, inland and river cruise excursion. Tourism is a service industry which is based on travel and hospitality between producers or called the host and consumers or called tourists.

Mission of Omi Tours

Omi Tours is a local ground tour operator that thrives to promote and contribute to tourism service industry in the Gambia, through providing major trips to our customers. It is not physically demanding as one may think, but we will do them to provide our customers the real value for the price that they pay to us. This is based on travel and hospitality between the producers or the host and the consumers or tourist. These are of course our aims to intermediate between the producers and the customers that would help to the two together to make the industry functional or achieve the tourism product.

Objectives of Omi tours

Tourism certainly increase employment opportunities within host communities as the service and hospitality industries hire more workers. One of our main objectives is to create employment opportunities for drivers, guides, bird watches and nature trackers and contribute to the national development in the tourism sector in the Gambia and contributing to the achievement of the world tourism Global Goals for sustainable tourism development. Recognizing fact that the reputation, performance, and the profitability of our ground tour company in its market largely will depends on the efficiency and effectiveness.

It is necessary for the ground tours to consider various factors before the selection of handling customers or guest’s functions and activities of the destination for the changing environment of the tourist.

Omi Tours have more professional and are bound to provide personalized ground tour operator services to the tourist. Below this would include among functions tone performed by our ground tour operator administrative services.

1. Inland and River cruise excursions arrangement
2. Contract and Negotiate with other vendors
3. Handling of tourists Arrival and departure procedure
4. Planning and organizing local package tour excursion
5. Escorting the tourist
6. Providing market information
7. Costing and pricing package tour

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Omi care Gambia foundation

More info to follow…

Omi Care Foundation

See the real Gambia off tourist beaten track!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.